Welcome to Routeique™, the cloud-based delivery management tool that allows you to manage and track your customers' orders wherever and whenever you want. Organize your deliveries, your customers, and your drivers with one user-friendly application that puts mobility, instant communication and vital tracking information in the palm of your hand. Let's get started by covering a few of the basics. The Routeique™ system consists of several main components, all working in conjunction with one another. These include:

  • Digital Control Tower
  • Driver Management System application (DMS) for drivers
  • Inventory Management System application (IMS) for warehouse inventory
  • Customer- and sales representative-facing Order Management Portal

Digital Control Tower

The Digital Control Tower is your web-based HQ, a command centre that connects your office to your drivers and customers in ways never before achieved.

Customer Management

Customer satisfaction is your number one priority, and Routeique™ makes it routine. Now you can add new customers to the system directly via the Digital Control Tower. You can also edit and update customer profiles in real-time as things change. With just a few clicks, you can manage payment terms, schedules and routes, address and GPS information and a host of other preferences for individual customers. 

Order Management

Give yourself the flexibility to do business by adding new orders and editing existing orders in the Digital Control Tower as required. All orders and updates flow directly to the mobile application in real-time, so drivers and field staff will see the most up-to-date information available at any given time. Order items can be added and automatically priced onsite based on either default pricing or a customer's specific price plan, if available. Routeique™ will automatically take the order and route out the delivery based on default settings. As we all know, mistakes happen, and customers frequently need rush orders, you can easily override the defaults for custom requests.

Product & Vendor Management

What's in the warehouse? What's on the road? How many are there, and what do they cost? Now you can manage your product inventory for any number of products, across any number of vendors and categories. Organize your inventory with product-specific default attributes using names, codes, prices, deposits, levies, taxable status, vendor, etc. View the exact items you need based on any searchable criteria you see fit.

Pricing & Customer Price Plan Management

Managing pricing on a customer by customer basis is a vital part of keeping your clients happy and coming back. Naturally, Routeique™ offers default (rack rate) pricing that you can set for each product in your inventory. We also provide the ability to customize pricing based on individual customer's needs. Routeique™ makes it easy to manage prices by region, specific price plan, or even uniquely individual costs for each product, for each customer. We can also make it possible for every customer to pay a different price for the same product if your needs are that specific.

Route & Schedule Management

They say it's not the destination but rather the journey that's important. We say why not both? With Routeique™, you can create and manage any number of individual routes through the Digital Control Tower and sequence routes in any desired order on one or more routes. Scheduling customers for specific delivery days each week is as simple as clicking a button. To activate delivery to a particular customer on a specific day, click on the day of the week. Of course, the default route and delivery date can be overwritten at the time the order is placed, if a customer requires an off-day delivery for a rush or a correction. 

Fleet and Driver Management

Knowing exactly where your trucks are and where your drivers are at a glance will give you an advantage over competitors. It will also help you deliver on your customer's service goals. Now you can manage unlimited numbers of vehicles, drivers and mobile devices (tablets) within the Digital Control Tower. When a tablet is loaded with the Driver Management System (DMS) mobile application, the first login registers the device with your private database. Every subsequent login verifies the credentials and updates the profile for that specific device. It's easy to manage driver profiles and login details via the system. When a driver logs into the mobile app, their activities are tracked back to their driverID, their routeID and their deviceID (tablet), from thereon.

Reporting and Metrics

Quick access to your metrics will help you make those little adjustments that mean so much to your bottom line. Through Routeique™, a host of standard reports are available via the Digital Control Tower. Track metrics such as Order Volume by Day, Sales Revenue by Day, Top Selling Products, Low Selling Products, Sales by Rep, Deliveries by Route/Driver and a host of others. Imagine being able to customize the report dates to view just the information you're interested in, from today to last month, to the previous quarter and beyond. Just a few clicks and you'll be able to view reports in chart or tabular format, or even choose a standard export format such as CSV or PDF. Of course, customized reports can be developed on a client by client basis, whenever standard reporting formats aren't enough.

The system also handles integration with several back-office systems such as accounting platforms, as well as vendor and partner integrations through EDI or API bridges.

Driver Management Application

Whether it's in your fleet or on the street, Routeique™ leverages the newest mobile technology for iOS and Android. This allows drivers, reps and field staff the ability to engage with customers directly while having access to their accounts. It's like carrying the office in your back pocket.


View your route and daily stops on an interactive map. See the location of your customers and your fleet vehicles, including GPS information, speed, direction and distance to the next stop. When a customer asks when the delivery is arriving, you'll be able to tell them, with down to the minute accuracy.


Your drivers will have access to real-time GPS and turn-by-turn directions to optimize efficiency for each delivery. GPS events are logged every minute for each tablet, so the entire history of every route is logged into the system daily. Metrics such as driving time and time-on-site for each customer/delivery can be tracked and reported directly from this data, allowing you to make adjustments to improve efficiency.

GPS and time-based tracking also provide automated logging of driver timesheets, including time-in, time-out, driving time and time-onsite for each day worked. You can use these reports to measure against other self-reporting methods (such as call logs or timesheets) to verify accuracy.  


"Oh, hey...while you are here I need..."

The next time you hear that your drivers will be able to quickly and easily place new orders or view existing orders for any customer on the route. Existing orders (placed by a call centre, reps or customers themselves) appear already completed in the tablet, along with the assigned order number and order details. New orders can be placed for customers at any time, with order information automatically flowing back to the Routeique™ servers in real-time. 

Reason Codes

With Routeique™, you can track the reasons why entire orders were cancelled or changed, in the field. Knowing the reason codes at a glance allows you to make the changes needed to retain that customer. Individual products can also be tracked, ensuring that up-sell opportunities are realized.

Digital Signatures

Capturing digital signatures from customers can be done in a flash. Using either a finger or a stylus, customers can sign the tablet screen directly and receive a printed or emailed copy of their invoice, complete with their signature. Signatures for each order are captured and sent directly to the Routeique™ servers for achieving and later retrieval, in case an invoice is ever questioned or disputed. 


Print invoices directly from your driver's mobile printer. Invoices can be generated at any time via the tablet or the Digital Control Tower. Choose to pre-print invoices in the office and provide drivers with all their paperwork for the day, or have drivers print invoices onsite via their mobile printer. In the event, an order is changed, or a new order is placed onsite, the invoice will automatically update and can be reprinted with the revisions as required. 


Have drivers accept and log payments via the tablet. Log transactions of any type, including cash or cheque. Direct credit card processing can also be made available as an upgrade if your customers require this level of payment processing.

Inventory Management Application

The IMS app for Android and IOS offers warehouse employees the ability to manage all aspects of inventory management from the palm of their hands. Receive purchase orders and restock products into inventory. Keep track of damaged products with a streamlined claims process. Easily pick and load by sorting by products or order. The IMS app gives you the power of the Digital Control Tower through the convenience of your smartphone. Routeique™ helps manage every aspect of the distribution business, from the moment an order is received to the moment it’s delivered - and beyond.

Order Management Portal

Orders can be placed and managed directly in our order system, on mobile or on desktop. Authorized members of your team can easily place orders with your vendors. You can even schedule standing orders so that your most sold items are always in stock. Easily track your order status, including tracking the delivery drivers to ensure your receiving team is prepared. Our system also makes it easy to report problems with your order, such as shorts or damages, to give you the most control over your products. Routeique™ helps to bring you and your vendors closer together, allowing your supply chain to be synchronized and your business to run efficiently.

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