• Customer says they are not able to use the online ordering. The system is asking for a delivery date, and no options are popping up.
  • Customer is unable to place an order on their preferred date.


  1. Ensure the customer is using the newest version of the Order Portal. This version can be found at
  2. Check in the Routeique™ Digital Control Tower that the customer's scheduled dates are correct. Customers may only place orders for their scheduled days.
  3. The date that they want to place the order for maybe within the specified order blackout period. If this is the case, and you still want to allow the customer to make an order, the order must be placed by a sales rep or the order desk in the Digital Control Tower. 
  4. If customers make orders to more than one location but have the same email registered as an Order Portal login for all locations, this can cause issues. Have the customer provide distinct email addresses for each location for login. 

TIP:  Remember that you can modify blackout dates, order lead time and other settings for the Order Portal from the Digital Control Tower by clicking on the small gear in the left-hand menu and selecting 'Order Portal Settings.'

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