The mobile Delivery Application cannot log in or is logging out intermittently.


You may be in a low reception area, which can lead to a delay in loading information on the application. A reboot, or re-signing into the application may be required.

Complying with these steps will help us replicate the problem and try to find a solution on our end.

  1. Reboot the tablet. On iPad, hold down the top button and press the side button until the slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off the tablet. Hold down the buttons again.
  2. Check the tablet's connectivity status. To get Apple support for connectivity issues, click here.
  3. Sign in to the Routeique™ Mobile Driver Application again.
  4. If the app loads, but orders are not displayed, try re-optimizing the routes. This process may take a few minutes.

If this keeps reoccurring, please contact support and provide them with details on the connectivity issue, whether it be error messages, trouble signing in, or information not loading. If possible, let us know when these problems occur, or the situation you are in that may have prompted the connectivity issue.

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