First things first, you can request a demo if you haven’t already. We recommend this as it’s a great way to get familiar with our products! Our team would love the opportunity to show off our products, and give you a chance to see them in action. Once you’ve done that, a member of our team can help you with the purchase process. We’ll talk through our different license sizes, and make sure we find the right one for your business. If you need to customize your number of licenses, our team can assist you in doing so at this stage. However, don’t worry, we can always modify this later if your team grows or changes. This is also the stage where our team will walk you through our available add-ons to help you decide if these features are something you’ll need.

Once you’ve purchased your licenses, our team will begin the on-boarding process. We’ll start by training your team members on using the product, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable using the features. Once the on-boarding process is complete, we’ll leave your company to flourish with the use of Routeique™. If you ever run into trouble, just hit the lifesaver icon on your desktop or mobile interfaces and one of our team members will help you out. Routeique™ manages it’s own IT support, so you’re never left to deal with a problem on your own.

Should you ever need a refresher on how Routeique™ is used, or more training on a new feature that we release, our team is always happy to help. With Routeique™, you always have extra support, and we’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to use our platform to its full capabilities.

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