What Hardware Do I Need for the Routeique™ Desktop?

Routeique™ desktop works on virtually any desktop hardware capable of running a modern web browser. While the software is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox, it runs well in any browser released in the last several years.

What Tablets are Supported by the Routeique™ Mobile App?

The Routeique™ mobile application runs on any iOS or Android device but works best on tablets - in terms of user experience. While the systems work with our without cellular service, real-time data is only available via cellular.

Can I Modify the Number of Licenses / User Types in My Package?

Yes, it's possible to create custom packages with different numbers of users for both desktop and mobile editions. Please call Routeique™ if you require the customization of your package.

Is it Possible to Request Features or Customization?

You're certainly welcome to suggest features or improvements at any time and our development team is always working on additions that benefit all our customers. If your needs are more specific than that, contact us for a custom quote.

Can Routeique™ Integrate with My Other Business Systems?

Routeique™ uses EDI or API calls to integrate with several products, including ERP and Accounting systems. If you have specific software you require integration with, please contact our team to discuss your needs.

How Much Does Routeique™ Cost?

For questions about our standard pricing, we invite you to check out our Pricing* page. If you have questions about customized license packages, please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

What Industries Does Routeique™ Serve?

Routeique™ serves a variety of customers from industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retailers, field service, and more. Please check out our Platform pages for more information on our list of current features.

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