API (Application Programming Interface) - Used to allow various software (such as applications) to communicate and integrate. 

Backend Software - Refers to software systems that are internal for the company, and are not customer directed. 

Cloud-Based - Refers to a system that is used through the internet.

CRM (Customer Resource Management) - Any software designed to manage interactions with existing and potential customers.

Delivery Notice - A formal notice from a seller to a customer that the ordered items have been delivered. 

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) - Facilitates the communication of information electronically between businesses and systems.

Last-Mile Delivery - Delivery of a finished product directly to the customer, generally coming from a distribution centre or manufacturer. 

Short - A delivery in which ordered items did not arrive, or a reduced quantity was received. 

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) - An identification code for a product or service. 

Standing Order - A standardized order which is placed every order period, generally includes the products which are always needed and sold quickly. 

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