Our Digital Control Tower is your mission control, helping you to manage your business in the most efficient way possible. From this console, you can easily access information such as your customer list, your vendors list, or your products list. You can see an overview of your routes, and the GPS location of your drivers along these routes. Easily create and view reports, giving you a complete understanding of your business. Standard or customized reports are available to you, including sales by vendor or product, pick lists, orders by route summary, accounts receivable, and more.

Our Order Portal allows both your team and your customers to create and manage orders anywhere. Easily choose the products and quantities needed, then submit for real-time order placement. Standing orders can quickly be established by customers, allowing them to place the same order again and again with little effort. Should your customers prefer not to place orders, your team can use the Sales Rep Order Portal to place orders for them.

With these tools on hand, your business is set to improve efficiency and customer service rapidly. Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple for your team to handle anything. With a well-managed administrative team, you'll be able to support your drivers and other personnel better. You'll be ensuring each step of the organization runs smoothly and seamlessly.

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