Order management is the foundation of the Routeique™ Digital Control Tower. Using Routeique™, you can create new orders, edit existing orders and mark orders as delivered.

If you would prefer to watch a video on how to manage orders in Routeique™, you can click on the video below. Otherwise, continue reading for more detail!

Create an Order

To create a new order, select 'Orders' in the left-hand menu and then select 'New Order.'

Start your new order by selecting what customers you are ordering for using the typeahead. You can search either by name or by address. If this customer has a Standing Order, you may choose to load it now by clicking the green button. To create a Standing Order, check out this guide here

The weekly available delivery days are based on the route delivery days for the chosen customer. Select a scheduled delivery date for your order. Then ensure the route and payment terms automatically populated in the routes and terms fields are the correct ones. Lastly, you can optionally enter a Requested Time, a Customer PO#, a Reference Number, and an Internal Note. These items will appear on the order as it is being delivered.

Next, you can begin to search for products to add to the order, type in the product name or code. This table will show you a type (size of shipping container), an adjustable quantity, and a weight (if applicable). It will also show a unit price, so you know how much each unit costs, the total price, tax information, and a button that allows you to delete the item from the list.

Enter the desired quantity and click 'Add' to add that product to the order. If you have added a weight-managed product, you will be able to indicate several items and assign a weight to each of the items in the weight pop-up box. The sum of weights will appear in the line item in the table of your order.

Once all the products are added to the order, you can review it in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. Click 'Submit Order' when you have completed your order. 

You can also view the invoice, which will open up a separate tab with a PDF of the invoice. Otherwise, you can click 'Change Order History' to open up a table that shows all the changes made to each product in the order.

Edit an Order

From the main menu in the Digital Control Tower, select 'Orders', and then click 'Search Orders' from the drop-down menu. 

On this page, you can search for orders by date, invoice status, vendor, route, order number, or customer name. Once you have found the order you are looking for, click on the green 'Edit' button in the left-hand column of the chart to edit. 

On this page, you can edit products within the undelivered order, the scheduled delivery date, the route, or any other information that you need to change. Remember that it is not always possible to make changes to orders that are already on a truck and out for delivery.

Any changes you make here are saved automatically. 

To print out shipping labels for one or more of your orders, return to the Search Orders interface using the menu. Choose which orders you would like to create shipping labels for using the check boxes on the left of the table, and press any Print Labels icon, as indicated by the green square.

Here, you can choose your label size, printer resolution, and which printer you would like to print from. You can choose the default settings in your Company Settings. Typing a number in the "Select A Quantity For All Product Labels" box will apply that quantity to of your labels, but you can choose individual quantities using the rightmost column in the table, called Label Quantity. Press the green Print button when you're happy with your selection. 

For information about choosing your label printer and a first time set up guide, click here.

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