To watch a video on routes overall, please see below. Otherwise continue reading for specific information on adding and editing routes.

Add a Route

From the Routeique™ Digital Control Tower, select 'Routes' from the main menu. Click 'Routes & Schedules' from the drop-down menu.

On this page, click on the green 'Create New Route' button on the top right-hand corner to open the New Route form.  

Fill in the necessary information. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. 

When you are finished, remember to save the new route, so it finalizes your changes.

When you are adding a route, you can select the Optimization End Point. This helps determine the sequence of the route when it is optimized based on where the vehicle should end:

Home: Vehicle will return to the same starting point

Furthest: Vehicle will end at the furthest drop from the starting point

You can also identify where the route will start when being optimized.

Warehouse Address: Route will start at the Home Warehouse - address will pre-populate using the address provided in warehouse setup.

Use Custom Address: Route will begin at an address different from the Home Address. This will need to be manually entered. Press the 'Locate' button after the address has been entered and the latitude, longitude and What3Words cells will populate.

Both the Optimization End Point and Route Start Address can be edited at any point, if anything changes.

Edit a Route

From the Digital Control Tower, select 'Routes' from the main menu. Click on 'Routes & Schedules' from the drop-down menu to open the routes list. 

On this page, you can search your routes from the chart using the 'Filter' section above the table. Once you have found your chosen route, click on the green 'Edit' button in the left-hand column of the chart.  

Once you click the Edit button, you can change information for your route. Please note the cells in grey will update automatically if the rest of the information is filled out correctly. If you select 'yes' for the peddling slider at the top of the page), this will allow for changes to be made to the order while the truck is already en-route. Remember to click the 'Update Route' button at the bottom to save your changes.

From the search routes page you can also click on any of the icons to see: a) the schedule for customers on an individual route, b) optimize a specific route, or c) view the map of a specific route to see where each customer is located. If a customer looks out of place, you can always edit the route a customer is on under the customer edit page.

For more information on routes, check out our other guides on route optimization and how to add customers to routes.

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