There are three tools you can use to manage product prices in Routeique™. Price plan management allows you to set different prices for products within three tiers, giving you the flexibility to customize pricing for each customer and business case.

If you would prefer to watch a video on product pricing, you can click on the video below. Otherwise, continue reading for more detail!

Default Pricing

The first tier consists of your default pricing, or what the product costs when no other pricing is set for specific customers.

To set product pricing, click on the 'Products' link in the main menu and then select 'Search Products.'

On the 'Search Products' page, you will see a list of all existing products and have the option to edit them. You can also select 'New Product' from the menu to add a new product and set the price for that product. This becomes your default price for the product. For more detail on managing products and default pricing, click here

Price Plan Products

This option is ideal when you have special pricing that you need to assign to more than one customer. You can create price plans and then associate those price plans to as many customers as required. When you need to update your pricing, you can edit the price plan, and all customers related to that price plan will automatically receive the new pricing.

To create a price plan, click on the Products menu and then 'Product Price Plan.' Click the 'Edit' button on the list of price plans or click the 'New Price Plan' button to create one from scratch.

You can then specify a name for the price plan and associate product prices to that price plan. When you add a product, it will appear in the table below with the new price, and it will show you a percentage of margin and markup. You may delete these at any time by clicking the 'Delete' button to the right.

Once you have your price plan created, the next step is to associate the price plan to customers. To associate a price plan to a specific customer, visit the edit customer interface and then click the 'Terms, Tax, and Price Plan' edit block. The Add Price Plan modal will come up, allowing you to choose a price plan and update it to the customer profile.

Product Prices by Customer

Product Prices by Customer allows you to set product pricing specifically for a single customer. This option is often used to incentivize new or loyal customers. Click the second button called 'Add Price Plan' at the top right of the Customer edit page.

Combing these three tools will allow you to set your default pricing and then customize for customer groups and specific customers. 

At any time, you can make the Price Plan Products, and Customer Price Plans inactive and charge customers standard prices.

Product Price Report

At any time, you can check all prices currently set for a single product. Click on 'Reporting' and then 'Product Prices Report.' Search for the product and the report will return all price plans and prices by the customer associated with that product.

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