Your War Room Map can be accessed from the main page of the Routeique™ Digital Control Tower, by clicking the 'War Room Map' button in the right top hand corner of the screen. The map on this page will show a break down of your routes and orders for the day. To find out more information about adding and optimizing routes and orders please follow the links. 

The War Room Map

The War Room Map screen includes a map showing customer drops for the day colour coordinated by route. The map also shows the location of trucks currently on the road annotated by a truck icon. The recommended sequence of the route is indicated by the numbers on the map for each drop, which changes to a checkmark once delivered. The sequence the customer delivers the orders is visualized by a line that connects the drop sites as deliveries are made. A list of routes with corresponding colours is displayed on the left hand side, showing how many orders have been delivered on that route, expected delivery time and actual delivery time.

You are able to click on a truck to view driver name, contact information, and checkin and out information. 

You are also able to click the dots on the map to view order information for that drop. To view all orders associate to a specific route, simply click on a route in the list and the order details for each order will be revealed.  By clicking on the order number you will be redirected to the detailed order view.

To get more specific with your search you can use the date and route filters at the top to search for a specific day or route. 

Lastly, click on the 'Expand' command below the filters to add or remove different visual elements off of the map. 

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