Take Routeique™ on the road! The Routeique™ Driver Management System (DMS) app is now available on the App Store and Google Play, making it even easier for your drivers to make deliveries with the help of Routeique™. From route optimization to quick order acceptance, the DMS makes life easier for drivers and keeps your customers happy. 

To see a video on the full DMS application, please watch the below. Otherwise continue reading to learn how to get your app set up!

Get Set Up

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Please note that the DMS does require WiFi or a network connection to function correctly. 

Sign in using your 'Client Key,' 'User ID' and 'Password.' Please contact your administrator if you need assistance in finding these credentials. 

If it is your first time signing in, you will see a notification that the DMS will not function correctly without enabling location services. Press 'I Agree' to proceed. You will then be prompted to activate your location services.

Accidentally press 'Don't Allow'? Don't worry! Find out how to enable location services here for iOS and here for Android.     

Now that you are all set up, you should be brought to the 'Check In' page. Find out how to start your route below. 

Start Your Route

Select your 'Route' and 'Vehicle', this information with be used for the Delivery Sequence Summary Report  to track driver progress through optimized route sequence. You can optionally enter a starting Odometer Value, which will be used in the Time Sheets Report, and press 'Check In.' You will see a list of orders to be delivered on that route. The best part: the routes are optimized, allowing you to complete all deliveries effectively and efficiently!

Set Up Your Printer

Ensure your printer is connected to bluetooth and to ensure that it is automatically connected when you log in for the first time. For more detail on printer set up please click here.  

Edit Your Language Preferences and More 

Press the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then press 'Settings.' 

To change your Language, press the 'Language' tab and select 'English' or 'French' from the drop down menu. 

Within the app Settings, you can also view our 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy, find out how to contact support, and review your printer configurations. 

Under Settings, Map Location lets you identify if you want GPS coordinates or an actual address to be used when searching directions using your mapping tool of choice.

If you need help, you can either click on the Support link under the Menu icon to send an email, or simply click on the icon in the bottom right corner for real-time chat.

You may log out at any time without losing your progress. Alternatively, if you have completed your deliveries for the day and would like to Check Out of your route please click here to learn about the Check In and Out process.

To take the next steps, visit our guide on using the Order Delivery in the DMS.

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