The Routeique™ Financial Hub gives you the ability to integrate your accounting software with the Routeique™ Platform. You can conveniently link your Routeique™ customers to your accounting software with just a few clicks!

Creating or updating customers in Routeique™? Easily link those customers directly from Routeique™ to your accounting software.

Linking New Customers

When creating a customer, fill out all of the required fields of the Customer Edit page in the Digital Control Tower. If you're unsure how to do this, check out our Add and Edit Customers user guide here

On the Customer Edit page, there will be a Financial Hub Active/Inactive toggle in the Terms, Tax and Price Plan box. When the toggle is set to Active, the link to Financial Hub is also Activated.

If you do not wish to link that customer to your accounting software, simply keep the toggle on 'Inactive' before saving. That customer profile will only exist in Routeique™, and will not be linked to your accounting software.

Linking Existing Customers

If you decide later that you would like to link a customer that has never been linked, you still can! There are two ways you can link existing customers: 

  1. Switch the Financial Hub Toggle from 'Inactive' to 'Active.' 

Edit that customer and switch the toggle back to 'Active.' You will then get a notification that the customer has been linked to your accounting software.

2. Link via the Financial Hub

Do you have several customers you need to link? You can easily link multiple customers to your accounting software via the Manage Invoices interface.

Click on the 'Settings' tab in the left-hand navigation menu. This may appear as a small gear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click 'Financial Hub - Manage Invoices,' and you will be brought to the Invoice Management interface.

On the Invoice Management interface, there will be a menu in the top left corner. Here you can see three different tables: customers, products, and invoices in Routeique™ that are connected to your accounting software. To link existing customers that have not yet been linked, click the icon beside 'Customers Connected.' 

Initially, the table will contain all of your customers, connected or not connected. To filter the customers that are not yet linked, click the 'Select Status' drop-down menu and select 'Not Connected.'

Select the customers you wish to link via the checkboxes on the left, and click the green 'Link' button at the bottom of the list. These customers will now be pushed to your accounting software. Please do not close the browser while the customer is being linked.

Now your chosen customer(s) will appear in the list of linked customers.

Updating Customers

Did your customer change addresses, or contact information? Edit that customer in Routeique™, and the edits will be reflected in your accounting software! Please note that this does not work in reverse and updating customers in your accounting software will not update in Routeique™!

When editing, ensure the Financial Hub toggle for that specific customer is active. Make the necessary edits and click 'Update Customer.' Any edits you made in Routeique™ should now be reflected in your accounting software. 

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