It's crucial to track proof of delivery, and the DMS mobile application makes it easy by allowing you to take and upload a photo of a Store Stamp against each order you deliver.

Choose an Order

To take a photo of a Store Stamp at the point of delivering an order, you'll need to be logged in to the DMS and viewing the order details interface for the order that you are delivering.

Take a Picture

Click on the 'Take Picture' button underneath the View, Print and Email links. 

You'll be prompted to select an option for what type of picture you'd like to take. Select 'Store Stamp.'

You'll be prompted to take a photo of the Store Stamp. Once you take the photo, you'll be automatically taken to the next step to crop the photo.

Crop the Photo

You'll now have the option to crop the photo around the Store Stamp. You can use your fingers to adjust the size of the crop. Ensure you get the entire Store Stamp within the selected area before selecting 'Done.'

Confirm the Image

The app will present you with a preview of the Store Stamp image. You now have three options:

  1. Choose 'Retake' if you would like to retake the photo.
  2. Choose 'Crop' if you would like to go back one step to adjust the crop on your photo.
  3. If you are happy with the image of your store stamp, select the 'Use' option. Now, the Store Stamp will be submitted to the record of the order you are delivering.

Upload is Complete

You'll see the notification below as the store stamp is being uploaded. Should you be out of service, or if there is an issue with the upload, you may be prompted to try again.

View the Store Stamp

Once the Store Stamp is saved, you'll see it that it's been added to the invoice for the order. Routeique™ also automatically adds the date/time and GPS coordinates for the delivery underneath the Store Stamp on the invoice. In addition to GPS coordinates, we also include the 'What3Words' code for the location.

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