If you haven't already learned how to create, submit, and review purchase orders, check out the following link by clicking here.

Receiving is the final step in the purchase order workflow. When your purchase order arrives, Routeique™ will tell you what you should have and how many of it you should be receiving. This is your chance to verify the quantity received, any variance between the original numbers can be identified. This allows the issue to be solved directly with the vendor. 

To watch a video with details on how to create and receive Purchase Orders, you can click on the video below. Otherwise, continue reading for more information!

To start, go to 'Search and Receive Purchase Order' under the 'Inventory' tab of the main menu.

At the start of each day, you can go to the Purchase Order list and filter by 'Orders Scheduled for Delivery Today.' This will show you your receiving schedule.

Click on the 'Vendors' drop-down to select your vendor, then click 'Search.' A list of your purchase orders will display. Any orders you can receive will show a green arrow beside the view button in the 'Actions' column.

Click the arrow to receive your PO. You will be brought to the below page. Select a receiving zone and bin from the available receiving zones, then click 'Submit.'

To learn more about setting up zones and bins, review the Warehouse Management guide here.

At this point, all four bars will be green. The PO was received.

Once you've received your purchase orders into your receiving zone, you are ready to restock that product into storage. To review the Restock process, click here.

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