This functionality allows you to automate the process of ordering from your vendors. Automatic Purchase Order beta will generate a purchase order to fulfil all orders in a specified coverage date range. 

The order quantities on the Auto PO are derived from the following calculation: (Quantity Required by Orders + Product Safety Stock Level) - (Event Stock Arriving Before the Purchase Order Scheduled Date + Inventory on Hand).

Safety stock is the level of extra product that is maintained to mitigate the risk of shortages. Prior to creating an Automatic Purchase Order ensure that the desired safety stock level for each vendor's product is set. Navigate to inventory management and set this value in the inventory properties.

If this value is not identified, the system will assume you wish to have 0 extra inventory on hand to avoid holding costs. 

Navigate to Create Purchase Order in the Inventory menu option. Once you have selected a vendor, a warehouse, and purchase order date the 'Auto PO' button will appear on the page. 

Click this button to select the desired date range of orders you would like to generate a purchase order for. 

If no date is selected, the Automatic Purchase Order will add enough inventory to cover orders from purchase order schedule date plus lead days. If entering a date range, select 'coverage from' date as today and 'coverage to' as the latest date of orders you would like to be considered. 

Once you click 'create', a pending purchase order will be created. At this stage you can review, removed, or add items added by the Automatic Purchase Order prior to submitting the purchase order. 

Once created, the Auto PO follows the same flow as regular Purchase Orders. For more information on Purchase Orders click here.

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