Once you receive product to your warehouse, you will then need to restock it into storage. This process allows you to transfer the lots you've received to your desired storage zones.

If you prefer to watch an inventory video with details on how to restock inventory, see the link below. Otherwise continue on reading for more detail!

Start by logging into the Digital Control Tower and going to 'Restock' under the Inventory menu.

Select which warehouse you are managing this for and the receiving zone from which you are moving product.

All inventory lots from the selected receiving zone will appear in a list for you, ready for you to assign a storage zone. Here you can adjust the quantity, select the zone and bin, add an expiry date, and split or remove a lot.

All inventory lots loaded into the table above will have their default selected bin and zone storage locations set to the last locations in which the same product was stored. If you have not previously received a type of product, you must manually select a zone and a bin. 

To move all product in the list into the same zone and bin, fill out the following information above the table. This will automatically set the same zone and bin for all products on the list.

To split a lot or take a lot off the list, use the action buttons.

Clicking on splitting will give you the option to choose how you would like to split a single lot so that the product can be transferred to different storage zones.

When you have finished choosing your zones, bins and expiry dates, click 'Restock' at the bottom of the page. A pop-up will ask you to confirm.

A Restock Report will come up with all the inventory lots you have restocked. If you want to see your inventory managed items, click on 'Inventory.' You can also copy, export to Excel or PDF, or print this report.

Now that you have restocked your inventory, you are ready to stage your product for outgoing orders. Click here to find out how to do that or click here to learn how to navigate Inventory Management.

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