The inventory management interface makes it easy to locate products, transfer products from one location to another and manage product expiry.

To see how to first get your warehouse set up for inventory management, watch the video below. If you are already set up, then keep on reading!

Start by clicking on 'Inventory Management' under the Inventory menu.

Select your warehouse you want to search within, and any other parameters you wish to search for in your inventory. You can search in zones and bins for the exact product you want to find. You may search by intake dates, expiry dates, and you can choose whether to include non-expiring items or not. Click 'Search' for a list to come up.

Your search results appear with a view button in the last column. Click the icon to view the details for each lot in inventory for that product.

The product on the image shown below has two lots - one in the Refrigerator Zone, Bin 002, and one in Bin 003. On the right side, there are two 'Action' buttons per lot and a 'Properties' button. You can move the lots by clicking on the first 'Actions' button. The second action allows you to make a note in the lot.

Clicking the move icon will bring up a modal, prompting you to enter more details about the move. Select how many units you want to transfer, the zone and the bin you want to transfer them to and any notes you want to store about the transfer. When you are ready, click 'Save' to finalize the transfer.

You can refer to the video below as well for more detail on zone transfers.

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