This feature is excellent for customers that regularly order the same products. Set up your recurring orders like a recurring calendar invitation and the system will automatically order the customer's standing order for you. 

To set this up, make sure you already have a standing order set up for the customer that you would like to make recurring. If you're not sure how to do that, follow the Standing Order user guide. If there are any automatic order items associated with your customer, make sure you fill in the correct quantity during the creation of a standing order. Click "Update Standing Order" to ensure they are captured in your recurring order.

Navigate to the Digital Control Tower, log in, and go to your customer list by clicking 'Search Customers.' 

Choose the customer you wish to create a recurring order from the search customer page and click on the Edit icon to the left of the customer. 

Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Customer page, and you'll find the Recurring Order block and a button that says 'Add.' Click the button to create a new recurring order.

A pop-up will show you the options for setting up this recurring order. Select a route you would like to schedule your order on, choose a frequency of how often you would like the occurrence to occur, and a start date. Lead time indicates how many days before the order schedule day the recurring order will be generated. Click 'Create' when you are finished.

Start Date: Use the start date to select what day you would like the system to start creating recurring orders. You must choose a date in the future to start your recurring orders. For example, if you want the first order to be created on Monday the 12th, create your recurring order on Sunday the 11th and set the recurring order to start on Monday the 12th.

You will be notified that your occurrence was successfully created and it will appear at the bottom of your customer page in the table shown at the beginning.

Black Out Days

If a recurring order is scheduled on a date that you've set as a black out day it will automatically be rescheduled to the next available delivery date on that route. Customers will receive an email notification advising them of the rescheduled date.

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