For a complete overview on how to use the IMS, please watch the video below, otherwise continue reading for specifics on receiving purchase orders.

The IMS mobile app allows you to manage the receipt of your purchase orders to your warehouse - verifying that you received everything that you ordered. 

To get started, you will need to login to the IMS app and then select 'Receive' from the bottom navigation menu on the homepage.

Select a Purchase Order ID, the zone you wish to receive products from, and the bin inside the receiving zone you'll be receiving the products to, then click 'Ok.' For more details on setting up and managing your receiving zones, visit Warehouse Management.

After selecting the receiving details, you will see a list of products on that purchase order and the quantities you are expecting to receive for each.

Click on the product you would like to receive. It will default the quantity to the quantity you ordered. If you have received more or less than you've ordered, adjust the quantity and then select ok.

If you are receiving a quantity that is lower than what you expected, the system will prompt you to enter the reason so you can track why it was different. Reasons can include 'shorted' or 'damaged.'

The quantity you've received will now display under the Completed tab, and the missing amount will appear under the Shortages tab.

Immediately after the completion of every order, a notification will appear informing you the purchase order has been marked as complete. Then it will navigate back to the initial screen to receive another order.

You can now proceed to restock the product you've received.

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