For a complete overview on how to use the IMS, please watch the video below, otherwise continue reading for specifics on restocking.

Once you've received your purchase orders, you can use the IMS to restock product from your receiving zone to your storage zones. However, if you haven't received your product yet, you can do so with the help of the Receiving Purchase Orders guide.

Select 'Restock' from the bottom navigation menu on the homepage to get to the Restocking search parameters.

Select the receiving zones from which you are restocking. If you are not sure where the product is located, you can check the Inventory Management tool in the Digital Control Tower for product zones.

A list of items in the selected zone to restock will become available with the available quantities to restock next to each. Tap or swipe left and click on Quantity for the lot you wish to restock.

This interface allows you to specify how many units you want to restock and the zone and bin to which you will restock. It will default to the entire quantity of the selected product, but you can specify any amount to restock to the selected zone. 

On this interface, you can also set an expiry date for your product.

If you have less product than expected in your receiving zone, you can mark it with an exception. The product will then go into the Shortages area of your restocking list.

Once you've restocked all the products, it will move from the Pending list to the Completed list.

At any point, you can filter the restock list for a certain product by typing the name in the filter field at the top. Alternatively, you can also use the barcode scanner in the top right to scan a product UPC code and bring it up in the list.

When you have completed all restock lots, a notice in Pending will tell you that there are no more items in the list.

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