Loading orders in the Digital Control Tower allows you to gather the products required for order fulfillment and transfer them into route inventory. 

If you prefer to watch a video with details on loading, see the link below. Otherwise continue on reading!

Start by clicking on 'Loading' under the Inventory menu.

Select your warehouse and date that the orders are scheduled to be delivered. Select how you would like the orders to be sorted by selecting a mode of Order or Product. Lastly, decide which route you would like to pick orders for and which storage, receiving, or staging zone(s) you would like to pick from. If you had completed picking before loading, all necessary order items would be available in their respective staging zones. 

The table would load, showing all the products for each order if you sorted your pick list by product.

Alternatively, if the loading list is sorted by orders, all orders will be listed on the right-hand side with associated products shown. Pending order items are orange, non-inventory managed items are navy, shortages are red, and completed loading items are green.

Below the product/ order header, displayed on the right-hand side, is the ordered product quantity. Below the required product quantity, the lot block will show how much of that product you have to pick from. There may be multiple lots to choose from, and it is best to pick from lots which have the earliest expiration date.

Once you have filled in the field with the requested product amount, the product box will collapse and turn green. 

If there is not enough product in inventory to fulfill an order, it will be displayed as a shortage. If there is inventory available in other storage or receiving zones from the one you are picking, the quantities will be shown below.

Once you have finished loading the product or order, you can click Save at the bottom of the page, and your selection will be recorded and transferred to the route inventory for order delivery on the DMS.

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