The Routeique™ platform's route optimizer will save your drivers valuable driving time and distance, and it will improve service delivery. Our optimizer takes into account your customer's locations, available delivery windows and average on-site times to suggest the optimal delivery order for your route. 

If you prefer to watch a video on routes, please view below. Otherwise continue on reading for the specifics on routes and route optimization.

How Do Routes Work?

Routeique™ allows you to create routes and then associate your customers to one or more of them. When an order is created for a customer, the order will be automatically associated with the customer's route for the day of delivery. You can edit each order's route at any time. 

Create a Route

Start by going to the 'Routes & Schedules' tab under the Routes menu.

This will bring you to a list of your routes. As a new user, this will be empty until you create your first route. To start, click the green 'Create New Route' button at the top right corner of the screen.

One of the most critical decisions when creating a new route is whether this route will be a standard or peddling route. You can always go back and change your route type by clicking on the Edit icon in the left-hand column.

Standard Routes: If you set your route as a standard route, your drivers will only be prompted to stop at customers on that route who have placed an order.

Peddling Routes: If you enable peddling on your route, your drivers will be prompted to make stops at all customers on the route. They will stop whether the customers have placed an order for the delivery day or not. It's a great way to encourage your drivers to stop by your customers and check on their inventory levels. They can use the DMS mobile app to create and deliver an order for each customer on the spot.

Once you've selected whether your route will be a standard or a peddling route, you can complete the rest of the route details. Choose a name for your route, enter what days this route will deliver, and select your warehouse. The days of the week are for your team's reference only - you will need to individually set what days of the week each customer is available to accept deliveries on each route. This is managed on the Customer Interface. When you are ready, click 'Create Your Route'.

A notification will come up advising that your route was successfully created, and your new route will appear in the list. You can make further changes to your route by clicking the left-most green edit icon. There are three other icons you can now click next to your new route:

  1. The calendar icon brings you to a schedule management interface that displays the days that each customer is available to receive deliveries on the route. You can edit this by clicking on the checkboxes to switch between a checkmark and an X, or you can click the green Edit icon at the left to go to the Customer Edit page. There you can add or edit a route, including its schedule information. 

2. The road icon takes you to the Route Optimizer. This interface allows you to view the optimized route for delivering the orders based on customer location, delivery windows and average on-site time. The Route Optimizer will suggest to your drivers the optimal sequence in which to deliver your orders, saving you time and mileage and improving customer service. 

3. The pin icon takes you to the same interface as before, but it will show you all the drops for that route. This will allow you to filter by day or the customer and make sure you have all the right customers on your route. If something looks out of place, you can always edit the route the customer is on.

The Route Optimizer runs every night, overnight, to optimize your routes so that when you arrive in the morning, you will see the optimal routes for your deliveries. At any time you can manually re-optimize your routes using this interface. There are two ways to manually re-optimize your route:

Optimize by Orders: This option will suggest the optimal route based on the orders that have been placed for the day.

Optimize by Peddling: This option will suggest a route that includes all customers that are on the selected route. Customers with and without orders will be on the route.

The optimization will run overnight. So, if there are any new orders placed in the morning of the delivery, please make sure you re-optimize the routes before your drivers hit the road. If the route with the new order isn't re-optimized, the order will not be on the driver's list of deliveries.

Optimize Routes From the DMS

Your drivers can also re-optimize the route from the DMS mobile app, if needed. To re-optimize, click on the top left-hand corner menu button, then click on the second item on the menu: 'Re-optimize.' 

After clicking this, a confirmation will come up. Click 'Optimize,' and your Pending order list will refresh to add any orders that were added after the initial optimization.

Now you have learned how to manage your routes. For more information on how to use the DMS app, click here.

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