Standing orders allow users to save frequently ordered items and quantities against a customer and quickly load them during the new order creation. Standing orders can be used to create recurring orders, which will be automatically ordered at indicated intervals (see Recurring Order user guide).

To use this functionality, go to the 'New Order' page under the Orders menu.

Search for the customer you wish to apply a standing order to in the search parameters and select them. At this time, the unclickable 'Load Standing Order' button will change to a 'Create Standing Order' button. This will happen if the customer does not have a standing order associated with them already.  

Select any items you would like to add to the standing order and select a scheduled date. 

Click the 'Create Standing Order' button.

A confirmation box will pop up to confirm your standing order, and a notification will tell you it was successful.

Now your standing order is complete. Any time you go to create an order, and you wish to add your standing order products, you can click the 'Load Standing Order' button. Click it to add the products to the list.

To update your standing order, select your customer, load your standing order, and add any new items, quantities, or make any changes required.

Click 'Update Customer's Standing Order' to save any changes you have made.

Now, whenever you want to re-order those products for your customer, you can click "Load Standing Order" to put it on order.

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