For a complete overview on how to use the IMS, please watch the video below, otherwise continue reading for specifics on claims management.

Creating claims in the IMS allows warehouse team members to submit pending claims for damaged, expired, and missing items easily. Upon creation, administrative users will be allowed to review the submitted claims on the Claims Management interface on the Digital Control Tower.  

Start by logging in to the IMS app and navigating to the hamburger menu.

Select the Claims option in the menu. The claims management view will open with all available inventory managed products in an itemized list. 

You can narrow down this list using the search filter at the top of the screen. Once you have narrowed down the item you wish to claim, you can either select the inventory line item or slide it to the left and click the 'Claim' button.

The selected item will be opened in a pop- up screen. At the top of the screen, you can see the lot details. To submit a claim, enter the quantity of the selected lot you would like to claim.

Select a claims zone and bin and a reason code that describes the claim purpose.

Once you have entered all mandatory fields, press 'Okay', located at the bottom of the screen, to submit the pending claim.  

It will now become visible in the pending claims tab at the top of the screen. This area of the app will also display any previously created pending claims that have not been completed in the Digital Control Tower. 

The created pending claim will now remain in the Claims Management interface until it is either completed or restocked. 

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