No need to manually enter customer invoices into your accounting software, push your Routeique™ invoices directly to it with this simple guide! 

Click on the 'Settings' tab in the left-hand navigation menu. This may appear as a small gear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click 'Financial Hub - Manage Invoices,' and you will be brought to the main Invoice Management interface.

You will automatically land on the Invoice Overview. First, adjust the 'From' and 'To' dates to encompass the time period the order was delivered, and the invoice became available. Secondly, use the 'Select Status' filter to view the various invoice statuses. You can view all invoices, linked invoices, invoices that are not yet linked and errored invoices.  

Note: Errored Invoices usually occur when the invoice contains a customer or product that has not been linked to your accounting software. Ensure that your customer or product is linked before pushing the invoice. To view a guide on customers, click here or to learn about products, click here.

To link invoices, filter the table by 'Not Linked.' Select the invoices you would like to push in the table, and click 'Submit.' The invoice will now be linked to your accounting software!

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