The Combined Sales Report allows you to filter sold products using various criteria. This report will enable you to pull the sales information most valuable to your business efficiently.

Start by clicking on 'Combined Sales Report' under the Reports menu.

On the Combined Sales Report page, you will have various options to populate your report. First, select whether you want to search by the Scheduled Date or Delivered Date, then choose a To and From date range. You can narrow down the report result by using the list of Sales Representatives and the Vendor. Additionally, you can narrow the results even further by searching for a specific Product or Customer. You may also filter by adding tags and toggle the option to apply view items with all of the tags selected or items that have any of the chosen tags. Lastly, you can group the report by Order Items, Products, Customer, Vendor, or Sales Rep. This will ensure that the list is organized in the desired order.

When you have selected all your parameters, click the green 'Search' button to fill your table.

The versatility of this report allows users to customize the data they would like to pull and ensure that it fits the exact criteria necessary for everyday business decisions.

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