This article will outline the basic functionality of Warehouse Transfers. Warehouse Transfers allows you to take inventory from one of your warehouses and transfer it to another warehouse. 

If you prefer to watch a video that includes details on warehouse transfers, please click below. Otherwise you can continue on reading!

ITo start this process navigate to Warehouse Transfers under the Inventory menu. 

Click on Create Warehouse Transfer in the right top hand corner to instigate a new transfer.

You will be redirected to the new warehouse transfer creation page.

Here select the warehouse you would like to transfer inventory from (Origin Warehouse) and the warehouse you would like to transfer inventory to (Transfer Warehouse). Lastly, select the day you will be delivering the transferred items to the other warehouse (Requested Delivery Date). 

If you already have one or more submitted warehouse transfers for this date, a little orange table will show up showing you the details. This will allow you to edit the existing warehouse transfer if you wish to. 

Proceed to add any products and quantities you wish to transfer. 

Once you are happy with the items you have added, click create. This will create your transfer and set it to pending status. 

Once a warehouse transfer has been created, you can edit it by adding new items, adjusting quantities, or deleting existing items then clicking the 'Update' button. If you do not click the 'Update' button, your changes will be lost. You can also cancel any pending warehouse transfers by clicking the 'Cancel' button. Lastly, once you are happy with the transfer and it has been approved, you can click 'Submit' to approve it for picking and transfer. 

Once submitted, you may choose to pick the transfer by clicking the 'Pick' orange icon on the warehouse transfer page. 

Once you click 'Pick', it will redirect you to the picking page. 

Here you can confirm that this is the transfer you wish to pick items for and select which receiving or storage zones you would like to pick transfer items from. Click 'Pick' to proceed

You will now be redirected to the Warehouse Transfer Picking page. Here you can select which lots you would like to transfer and confirm your pick by clicking 'Save Transfer'. If you have saved all the required picked items, your Warehouse Transfer will now be automatically be marked as 'In Transit', the inventory will be removed from inventory management, and will be ready to be received by the Transfer Warehouse. 

If, while picking, you discover that you pick is short you can always manually mark a transfer as In Transit by flipping the 'In Transit' toggle on the Warehouse Transfer page. 

Once you flip the toggle, you will be given a warning to confirm your selection.

Click Update to save your changes.

The responsible parties at the Transfer Warehouse may now click on the 'Receive' green arrow icon to receive In Transit transfers. 

Once this has been clicked, you will be redirected to the Receive Transfer page.  Here you can confirm transfer details and mark any shorts. If there are any shorts simply modify the Received quantity and indicate a reason code for the short. Press 'Receive' to mark this transfer as received into your inventory. 

Once a warehouse transfer is received, it will now be ready to restocked. Click on the restock button to be redirected to your regular restock flow. The warehouse transfer items can now be treated as any other inventory sitting in a receiving zone. 

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