Our claims feature allows you to log any item that has been damaged or needs refunded or returned to the supplier. In the Digital Control Tower, a product is put into claims when it cannot be used to fulfill orders.

If you prefer to watch a video with details on claims management, see the link below. Otherwise continue on reading!

Putting Items into Claims

To add items to claims go to the Inventory menu and click on Claims Management.

You will be brought to a page where you can manage all your claims. To add a new claim, click on the orange plus sign on the top right-hand corner of the page. You can also search within your claims by using the designated filters. The results of the search will appear in the table below.

When you click the orange 'Add Claim' button, you are brought to a page to search the product you wish to claim. Here, you may select the warehouse and search by Lot Code, Product Code, or Product Name. If you are unsure, you can click Search and all the products in the warehouse will appear in a table below.

You will then see a list of products sorted by lot code. Click the blue arrow beside the specific product and you want to claim and a drop-down will appear that identifies the Zones, Bins, and Quantity of the product.  You can click 'Add Claim' on the location you'd like to pull the product from.

Next, a pop-up will give you a brief description of the product details. It will require a reason for why it's going into claims, an amount, and the claims Zone and Bin. Here, you will have multiple options they have been set up. Otherwise, Default Claims will be the only location to move your product.

There are two buttons at the bottom: 

  • Pending Claim: This button will move it to the list on the Claims Management page with additional steps to complete before the product is completely removed from stock. You should click this if you want to leave it unfinalized.
  • Completed Claims: This button will move the product to claims, and get rid of the product from your system. There will be no other steps to do after you click this button as the product will be permanently removed from stock.

A confirmation box will come up asking you to confirm the transfer.

When you are finished a notice will come up letting you know that the process was completed.

Creating a Claims Zone

To set up your Claims zone, go to the Warehouse Zone Management user guide by clicking here

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