If you haven't already adjusted your company settings, this should be done first using the First Time User in the Digital Control Tower user guide you will need to set up your Customer Owners. Customer Owners are those who own the relationship and get paid directly by the end customer. It allows for distributors to white label their services for manufacturers or distributors and is an important step to set up for invoicing purposes. You can create as many customer owners as needed.

To add a Customer Owner, go to 'Manage Customer Owner' under the Customers menu.

You will land on a page with a table displaying a list of customer owners. If you haven't added any, click the blue "Create" button.

To create your customer owner, you will need to fill out information for that company in both the English and French sections. You will need to fill out the name of the company whose products you will be managing, their address and contact information. You can also add a logo that will appear on the invoices they receive.

When you are done, click "Create" at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have set up your customer owners you can set up your customers with this guide on how to Add and Edit Customers.

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