Tagging products is a system that helps you track anything you want with a designated name and colour. You can easily search for a list of products that you have marked with the same tag. 

Creating a Tag

To create a tag, go to any product by accessing the products page through the products table. This is found by going to 'Search Products' under the Products menu.

Once there, click on the green Edit button in the left-hand column of the table for the product you want to categorize.

Scroll to the bottom of the Additional Data section and type a tag word in the open field.

If the tag has already been created, it will appear in the drop-down. Upon clicking on it, the name will appear in the type ahead box with a colour to distinguish it. If the name you type is new to the system click Enter, then it will ask you to confirm by clicking the green checkmark.

Next it will ask you to choose a colour to link to the tag. Select a colour then click out of the box.

Click the green save button at the bottom of the page to finalize your tags.

Viewing and Editing Tags

To see all your saved tags, go to 'Manage Tags' under the Settings menu.

You will be redirected to a page that shows a list of tags. Here you can delete tags by clicking the red X in the first column. To rename the tag, click on the box in the Tag column and start typing. To change the colour, click the colour box and the colour picker will appear, allowing you to select another colour. The fourth column will show you how many products are tagged to the specific word. You can also search for all products that have been tagged by clicking the blue search icon in the last column.

Clicking the search icon will open up another page that allows you to search by adjusting the parameters. These parameters include choosing a specific category, adding or removing tags from your search, or filtering to search by item. There is also a green toggle on the right-hand side that lets you choose if you want to search items that have all the tags in the field, or one or the other.

Now that you know how to make tags, you can easily categorize and find your products.

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