Use the IMS app to load the products required to deliver your orders. Loading products will move those products from your storage or staging inventory to your route inventory.  

For a complete overview on how to use the IMS, please watch the video below, otherwise continue reading for specifics on loading.

To start loading, click the 'Load' tab on the home screen of the app.

A page will appear, asking you to select the date you are loading orders. You must choose the storage or staging zone(s) from which you would like to load inventory and the specific route you will loading to.

Once you have clicked 'Ok,' you will see a page where you can select which order you will be loading. You can only select one order at a time.

Once you've clicked next, your load list will appear, showing all the products required for the order you've selected.

Under each item, you will see a list of all available lots of the products from which you can load. There is a zone and a bin listed for each lot, so you know where to find the product when you are completing the loading process. Each lot will also list the available quantity of that lot. If you chose a singular zone to load from, there might be more inventory available in other zones or bins.

To quickly accept the full quantity, slide the line item left and click accept.

Alternatively, you can also tap the line item or click the adjust button if the quantity you are picking is less than expected.

When you click the adjust button, a pop-up will appear with the requested quantity. The verified field will be populated with the available lot quantity. If the verified lot quantity is less than the amount requested, you will have to load the remaining quantity from a different lot. 

Click 'Ok'.

If the verified amount you loaded from a lot is less than the amount that should be available for that lot, a claims interface will appear. This allows you to claim the product that is missing from that lot. 

You must select a reason code for why that product cannot be loaded. The claimed amount will then appear as a pending item in claims management on the Digital Control Tower.

Weight-managed products can also be loaded. A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter how many weight managed items you would like to enter weights for. 

Then you can fill out how much each item weighs. The allowable variance for each weight managed item can be set in inventory properties.

At any point, you can filter the load list for a certain product by typing the name in the filter field at the top. Alternatively, you can also use the barcode scanner in the top right to scan a product UPC code and bring it up in the list.

Once you have finished an order, click on the 'Select Order' button to select the next order you'd like to load.

You'll see a green check mark beside the order that have been completed.

When all orders in the list have a green check mark, you have completed the Loading process. Inventory for your orders has now been transferred to the route inventory, and the load lists will be updated on both the IMS app and the Digital Control Tower.

For more information on the Inventory Management System (IMS) App, click here.

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