Prior to using the Delivery Sequence Summary Report, a route must be optimized for the driver. You can do this from either the Digital Control Tower or the DMS app. Click here to see how to optimize a route.

Once a route has been optimized, a delivery has been made, and is marked as delivered within the DMS app, it will be updated in real-time on the Delivery Sequence Summary report. To view this report, click on the Reports icon in the side navigation bar and select Delivery Sequence Summary.

Select the date and specific route you would like to view and click search. Below you will see each delivery populate as it is delivered in the DMS app. The delivery time indicates the actual time it was marked as delivered, whereas the time since the last delivery indicates the time difference between the prior delivery date. The number in the Optimized Sequence column indicates the order in which the delivery was supposed to occur based on the optimized route. If the driver follows the suggested optimized route, then these numbers will fall in sequence. 

For instance, if the optimized sequence number is 1, and the order is first on the Delivery Sequence Summary list. This means the order was delivered first, as suggested. If the order is first on the list, but the optimized sequence number is 3, the order was supposed to be the third delivery in the optimized route, but instead, the driver delivered it first.

Lastly, click on the location icon to see the GPS location of where an order was  marked as delivered on the map. 

To see how to deliver an order in the DMS app, please click here.

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