Routeique™ Financial Hub gives you the ability to export your invoice information with your chosen terms giving you access to all your invoices in the Routeique™ system in CSV format!

Routeique™ Export format was designed with SaasAnt in mind, making it easy to move your invoices into Intuit's QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Choosing Your Accounting Software

Upon landing on the Routeique™ dashboard, click the gear icon on the left hand navigation bar. Select 'Financial Hub - Setup'. 

Select the Export option and click 'Link' to begin the on-boarding process. If you have QuickBooks Online, click here for the correct guide! 

Taxes and Terms

You will be taken straight to the to the first steps in setting up your export terms which will let the Routeique™ system know what each term will appear as on future exported CSV docs. 

Payment Terms 

First, associate the Routeique™ payment terms with your accounting software's payment terms or other preferred software. Once you have associated all the terms you would like, click 'Link' to begin connecting terms. Be careful to make sure you put in the correct terms! 

Once terms have been linked successfully, select 'here' in the top right of the screen to move onto the next step. 

Customer and Product Tax Terms

After you've made payment term associations, you can start making tax associations on a Customer and Product basis. 

Tax Rates

Lastly, you need to associate Routeique™ tax rates with your accounting software's tax rates. 

Linking Customers and Products

Since you have chosen the Export option, you will need to skip both the Customers and Products syncing step. If you are using SaasAnt, the exported invoices will be able to update both your customer and products each time you upload a new invoice. 

Levies and Deposits 

Levies and deposits will be required. If you don't deal with levies or deposits but think you might need the feature one day, make sure you set up the account association! 


Export is now officially linked to the Routeique™ platform!

To find out how to start pushing invoices from Routeique™ to your accounting software, click here


Update Taxes and Terms 

Need to update your taxes and terms associations? You can easily do that in Routeique™.

Click on the 'Settings' tab in the left hand navigation menu. This may appear as a small gear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Click 'Financial Hub - Setup'. 

Click on the blue 'Advanced Options' button to get to the right page.

Once on the Advance Options page, you can use the drop downs to edit your payment term associations, customer tax associations, product tax associations, tax rates, and levy & deposit terms. 

Now that you have on-boarded with the Financial Hub Export, check out some of our other guides: 

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