Once drivers are comfortable with the Check In and Check Out process on the DMS, their shift data can be analyzed using the Time Report. This report takes the check in and check out times, locations, and odometer values entered in DMS and compares them to historical values.

To view the report, click on the sidebar and select Time Reports under Routes.

To view shift data for all drivers for a specific day, select the check in date you would like to view and click search. 

The table will be populated with data for each driver who check into a route for that day. Some of the useful information you will be able to see is the start and end times for each shift and the locations of where a driver checked in and out.  Additionally, the statistics button on the right hand side allows you to view the daily, weekly, and monthly variance for driver hours and distances.

These balances will continuously adjust as more data is input into the report.

If a driver was unable to check out of their shift using the DMS, their timesheet can be edited by clicking the Edit icon on the left hand side. You will be presented with their timesheet for that day and you will be able to edit their check out time and odometer values (Kilometers In and Out).

Likewise, a new entry may be created for days when drivers were unable to check in at all. Just click on the orange New Entry button in the right hand corner of the Time Reports screen and it will present you with a blank time sheet. Click submit when all details are filled out.

Once the entry is created, a message in the top right corner will confirm that the Time Report was successfully submitted. 

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