To start the Check In process, log into the DMS with your driver credentials. If you enable 'Remember Me', the DMS will remember your credentials for the duration of your shift and log you in automatically. On your next shift, or when you log out, the DMS will remember your username and you will only have to enter your password.

Check Into Your Route

Select your 'Route' and 'Vehicle', this information will be used for the Delivery Sequence Summary Report  to track driver progress through optimized route sequence. You can optionally enter a starting Odometer Value, which be used in the Time Sheets Report, and press 'Check In.' Once you have checked in, your clock time and location will be logged. You may now start your deliveries for the day.

Log Out

If during your shift you would like to log out without performing End of Day activities, navigate to the side navigation menu and select Log out. This will ensure the security of order information if you and your phone are separated. 

The DMS will prompt you to confirm which course of action you would like to commit. 

Please note that logging out will allow you to log in with another account, whereas checking out will bring you to the End of Day check out form. 

End Your Route

Once you have delivered all your orders, you can perform your End of Day activities. If you have delivered all your orders, the Search Orders interface will display the End of Day button.

Alternatively, you can access this same functionality in the navigation menu by clicking the End of Day menu button. 

If you have any previous orders that have not been delivered, you will get a notification to confirm your course of action. 

Prior to checking out of your route, you may review your route summary and print any necessary documents. 

Finally, you may navigate to the 'Check Out' page using the menu on the bottom of the screen. You can optionally enter your end of shift Odometer Value (recommended if you entered a start of shift value).

Warehouse loops are used to track the number of times a driver returns to the home warehouse during their shift. This is an optional value that is used by some businesses.

Once your are complete press the Check Out button to end your shift and log your shift end time and location. 

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