Setting your vehicles is important to do prior to setting up your routes. This will allow your drivers to be able to select their vehicle when they log into the DMS.

Click on Routes in the side menu and then on Vehicles.

This will take you to the Vehicles page, where you can add a new vehicle, or edit your existing vehicles. To add a new vehicle, click on the top right green button.

Adding a New Vehicle

Here, you will need to add a name and  license plate. You can also add other details such as the description and year of the vehicle. Make sure to add the vehicle brain ID if there is one installed in your vehicle. Lastly, you can add tags for easy categorization. Click save when you have filled out all the fields.

Editing and Existing Vehicle

To edit your existing vehicles, just click on the green Edit icon in the left column of the table.

Now you have set up your vehicles. To see more on Routes, click here.

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