Currently, labels printed from the Digital Control Tower are only compatible with Zebra printers. Zebra's Browser Print officially supports the following Zebra models:

  • QLn series
  • ZT200™ series
  • ZT400™ series
  • ZD500™ series
  • ZD400™ series
  • LP2824+
  • GK420
  • GX420

Routeique™ officially supports and fully tests on the Zebra ZD620 model.
Routeique™ officially supports and tests shipping labels on the 4x3 label size.
Routeique™ officially supports and tests product labels on the 4x3 and 3x2 label size.

For more information on supported devices and browsers, click here. When you are ready to proceed, click Download Browser Print, or visit this webpage

Scroll down to the Browser Print section, and click the Download link on your device.

Follow the instructions to complete the download of Browser Print onto your device. To set up your printer in Routeique™, log into the Digital Control Tower and navigate to Company Settings, using the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the menu. In the screenshot below are the recommended label size and resolution settings to use to ensure optimal quality and space on the label. Here, you can also set your desired barcode type for your shipping label. 1D Barcode is commonly known as a QR code, while 2D Barcodes are commonly known as a UPC code. Please note that Lot Labels are coming soon. 

When you go to print for the first time in the Digital Control Tower, you will see a pop-up that appears asking you for permission to add the Digital Control Tower to your list of approved hosts - click yes.

For instructions on how to print product labels, click here and scroll to the bottom of the user guide to the Label section.
For guidelines on printing shipping labels, click here and scroll to the bottom of the user guide to the Label section.

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