Drivers that visit Sargento for pick up's and deliveries, will now use the Routeique Yard Management system to conduct contactless check-ins for each yard registration. As an administrator, you will also manage logging and communication with drivers from the desktop console.

Logging In

To login, visit using your email as username provided. After your initial login, you can reset your password to one of your choice.

Interface Overview

When you first login, you will land on the primary check-in console. On the left hand side, you will see a list of all the check-ins, each with their status identified by colour and text. If you click on a specific check-in, all its details will be visible on the right-hand panel.

The status of the check-in will be identified by the tag - both seen in the list on the left and the details panel.

At the top of the list you will see two icons. The first will sort the list by earliest to latest or vice versa. The second button opens all the filter options. By default 'Complete' status will not be included, but you can add it manually if you need to see a historical check in.

The appointment number is also easily identifiable in the list and at the top of the check in page.

Driver information is at the top of the panel. To see the past check ins a driver has made, click on the 'Driver History' button on the upper right side of the driver details area.

A manual check in can be created for a driver by clicking the 'Create Check In' button at the top right. NOTE: If a check in is created by an admin then no location will be available.

Next is the main Check In section. This provides all the details on the reason for the check-in such as warehouse, destination, trailer, carrier, and any files provided. To edit this section, click on the pencil icon. If you need to send an outbound file associated with the check-in, it can simply be added by dragging and dropping into the notes section.

Once you've added an outbound file you can then send an outbound email by clicking on the blue paper airplane button. This will open up a section for Emailing Outbound Files and will automatically fill with the driver's email address. You can add any additional email if required and any files you'd like to attach - up to a maximum attachment size of 20MB.

Below the check in details, is vehicle reporting. To add new vehicle seals and temperature information, click the create button, fill in the required information and press save.

Next on the screen you will see the messaging section for real-time messaging with the driver. When a driver sends you a message, it will update automatically in your messages field with the driver's name. You can directly reply back to the driver within that instance. Note: if you have logged in as a user with your phone number, then you will receive a text message from the driver if you are away from your computer.

Assigning a Check In

To assign a check-in, click on the respective check-in in the list on the left-hand side. Then select the 'Assign' button at the top right.

Fill in the required information. If there is a message you'd like to include, you can either type your own or click on the drop down arrow to select a standard message. Then press 'Save'.

The status of the Check In will now change from Pending to Assigned and the driver will receive a message with their assignment information.

If you receive a message from a driver while your page is on a different check-in, you will receive a red notification in the check-in in the list.

Closing a Check In

To close a check-in, attach the necessary files for the driver and send a message letting them know you are closing off the check-in.

To complete the transition, hit the 'Complete' button in the top right and send a message. You will now see a complete status at the top of the check-in and all messages will be closed off. Messages will not be able to be sent unless you re-open the check-in. The driver will also receive a complete status at this time.

Once the check-in is completed, it will be removed from the list.

Reassigning Check Ins

Both destinations and warehouses can be reassigned. When a destination is reassigned, the driver will receive a notification of the new destination.

When a warehouse is reassigned, the check in will go back into pending status and the admins at the newly assigned warehouse will be notified. Admins at the first warehouse location will continue to get updates until the admin at the new warehouse location has assigned a new destination. This is done to ensure the driver is not left without a communication point.


All the settings functions are found in the navigation bar.

Creating Canned Messages

To create a canned message, click on the settings gear icon at the top and select 'Canned Messages'. Click on 'Create', fill in the label and select the warehouse, then fill in the contents of the message. Once you press save, this message will now be available in dropdown when you send a message to the driver.


This will give you a list of all the drivers in the system. Clicking the Edit button will allow to you change their details and see their history.


This allows you to add administrators to the system - anyone who will have access.


Here you can add as many facilities as needed.


Destinations are tied to the warehouse. Select the action the destination is for and select the specific points of where the driver has started the check-in and where the dock is located.


The bell icon identifies any notifications you receive while you are away from your computer.

To mute notifications, click on the person icon in the upper right hand corner and select mute.

Here you can also edit your profile information and select your preferred language.

Finally, clicking on the Check Ins link in the top nav bar will get you to back to the check-ins page.

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