The Order Portal allows you to quickly & easily create orders with your suppliers. You'll see a list of all of the products you order regularly so it's quicker than drafting an email to place your order online.

Start by signing in. (Click here for a guide on how to sign in.) You will land on the main dashboard page, which you can also get to at any time by clicking the link in the top navigation bar.

New Order

To get to the New Order page, either click the link on the dashboard or select the 'New Order' link under the Orders dropdown in the top navigation bar. You'll be taken to the order page with all the standing order items pre-populated. Simply edit the quantities for what you'd like to order. Any item that has a zero, will automatically be removed from your cart on the order review screen.

At the bottom, there is an optional field for a PO number and a mandatory field for the delivery date. You'll see your next available delivery dates on the calendar. Select a delivery date and, when you are ready, click 'Confirm Order.'

The next page shows you your order details for your review before you submit your order. When you are ready, click 'Submit Order.' To make changes before you submit your order, click on the 'Edit' button and you will be take back to the previous screen where you can update your quantities.

You will receive order confirmation after you press submit along with an order number that you can use for tracking. You'll also receive an order confirmation email notification at the same time.

Order History

Clicking on the Order History link will display past orders, sorted by the Order Date. You can change the sort order by clicking on the small arrow, or you can use the 'Search' box to look for a particular order, too. You can also create a new order from here by clicking on the green button above the Order History table. To view the invoice attached to an order, click the 'Open' button next to the order you want to see.


To adjust your settings, go to the drop-down under your name and click 'Customer Profile'.

You'll see your profile information at the top with the settings box below.

Here you will have three tabs. The first tab allows you to change portal your password.

The next tab is for updating your billing email address.

Lastly, the third tab gives you the ability to set emailing subscriptions, allowing the customer to receive an order confirmation via email.

For any additional support, contact Routeiqueâ„¢ at

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