The Order Import feature enables you to upload your existing orders in bulk into the Routeique™ platform. Following upload, your customer and product data will be brought into Routeique™.

Begin by clicking on the side navigation bar and select Import Orders underneath the Orders tab.

You will be redirected to the Orders page. By clicking 'Choose File' you can upload a CSV file. A template of the data required for your bulk order import can be found by clicking the 'here' link.

Data Requirements

There are a number of fields on the CSV template, but not all are mandatory to complete an order import. This depends on what information you would like to bring into Routeique™.

The fields listed below are mandatory data needed to properly complete the import:

  • order_reference_number
  • order_line_item_quantity
  • product_code

When a Product Code is not provided for a product currently in Routeique, the following data fields are required:

  • product_name
  • product_price
  • product_cost
  • product_vendor
  • product_case_size
  • product_size
  • product_units

If there is no existing Customer Routeique™ ID or Customer Third Party ID, then the following fields are also required:

  • billing_address_1
  • billing_address_2
  • billing_address_city
  • billing_address_province
  • billing_address_country
  • billing_address_post_code
  • billing_address_contact_first_name
  • billing_address_contact_last_name
  • billing_address_phone
  • billing_address_email
  • shipping_address_1
  • shipping_address_2
  • shipping_address_city
  • shipping_address_province
  • shipping_address_country
  • shipping_address_post_code
  • shipping_address_contact_first_name
  • shipping_address_contact_last_name
  • shipping_address_phone
  • shipping_address_email
  • customer_tax_class_id
  • customer_payment_terms_id

Note: The final CSV file should be saved as a CSV UTV-8 file.

Mapping Fields

When you click 'Choose File' you will be able to select your Order Import File. After selecting the file and clicking 'Open', you will be redirected to the Mapping page. If the file exactly matches the field headings indicated in the template, the fields should map automatically into the CSV File Column Header. If there are some that don't automatically fill in, you can click on the drop-down arrow and manually select the correct field to be mapped.

Below is a list of the Routeique™ Value and the CSV File Column Headers that map.

Once all the fields are mapped, click the 'Validate File' button at the bottom left side of the page.

When you receive the Success! notification in the top right corner, you can press 'Create'.

Pressing 'Create' should result in another Success! notification indicating the orders have been imported.

Error Notification

If an Error notification appears when you are trying to create your order. This means the fields are either mapped incorrectly or there is an issue with the data in the CSV file. The errors will be indicated by a red boarder. To re-upload a new file click the green 'Reset' button at the top left side of the page.

Troubleshooting Solutions

The following are fields that may result in common errors when importing your file:

  • Order Reference Number: All Order Reference Numbers must be distinct from each other in the file as well as any other orders that already exist in Routeique™.
  • Product Vendor: Needs to exist within Routeique™ if it is listed on the file.
  • Inventory Managed and Delivery notification: Must be answered in a 'yes' or 'no' format.
  • Customer Shipping Province and Customer Billing Province: Are inputted as a two letter character code. For example, AB for Alberta.
  • Customer Shipping Country and Customer Billing Country: The inputted country must be written as a three character code. For example, CAN for Canada.
  • Customer Billing Phone Number and Customer Shipping Phone Number: Required in the file when the Third party ID and Routeique ID are not present. If you do not have a phone number, you can simply enter '1' in the field.
  • Customer Tax Class ID: This field is required in the file when the Routeique ID and third party ID are not present. Alternatively, if you do not have a Customer Tax Class ID you can default by entering a '0' in the field.
  • Ready Time and Due Time: Should be written as a 24-hour clock format For example, 08:00 or 16:00.
  • Service Time: Is written in minutes.

Successful Upload

When the order contains many deliveries, the upload may take a minute to complete. You will be redirected to a new page which demonstrates the orders being added by a green bar that loads across the screen. A Success notification in the upper right hand corner and a full green bar indicates all the orders have been imported.

Confirming your Order Upload

Click the side bar then select Search Orders.

Fill in the order Scheduled Date range, and any other filter variables. Press the 'Search Orders' button to populate the orders list. For a quick check, make sure the total number of orders as indicated at the bottom left corner aligns with the number of orders in your uploaded file.

Once orders are uploaded, you can also check the customers and products that have been uploaded along with your orders. To view this data, navigate to the side-bar to 'Search Customers' and 'Search Products'.

If you imported your orders with routes, you can then go and optimize your routes. For more information on how to optimize routes, click here.

For any additional support, contact Routeique™ at

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