Create & Save Custom Report

Create a new custom report and save it so you can adjust and re-run it anytime

The new Custom Report tool allows you to choose from several templates to build and save your own report. 

To get started, click on Reports and then Custom Reports in the main menu. You'll see a list of all reports already creates and a link to create a new custom report.

Create a New Report

When you create a new report, all members of your company can see and use that new report. They will see your username as creator.

Click on Create Custom Report to get started. You'll see a blank form where you can start to specify what data you would like in your report.

Choose Your Fields

The FIELDS section allows you to choose what data you want to see in the columns on your report. You can use the dropdown to search for the data point you are looking for or start typing the name of it to narrow the list.

Choose your Filters

Once you've selected all the FIELDS you want to display in your reporting, you now need to set the FILTERS to determine the view of data you see. 

Then click on the Search button to display the results based on your most recent FIELD and FILTER criteria.


Click outside of the right-hand FIELD and FILTER management menu to hide that while you view your results. You can open it back up anytime by clicking on Report Options.

Save Your Report

When you are happy with the results, click on Save. You will be prompted to name this report and provide a description.

Export your Report

To export a csv. file of your report, click on the Export link. A csv. file will be emailed to the email associated with your user account.