Customer Relationship Management

Add custom data fields to products and customers for more detailed reporting and stronger relationship management.

By using the CRM capabilities in Routeique, you will be able to keep track of all the key data you need for your customers and products.


Category Names

A category name is the field name you would like to add to your customer or product profiles. Each category name can be applied to both customers and products, or more specifically at the location level, or can be applied to just one entity. Categories are searchable terms so you can easily filter your customer or products lists by a specific category to quickly drill down or pull the reporting you need.

Category Terms

Category terms are the available term options associated within a specific category name. You can choose whether only one of the terms can be applied to a specific customer or product or whether multi-selection is available.


If you have specific data that you need to track about your orders and customers, you can add your own custom fields to include attributes in customer and order profiles. Unlike categories, the attributes fields are free-form and you can choose to fill in whatever content you like in a specific attribute field. Add as many as you wish and these data fields will be easily exported in reporting for detailed analysis. 


You can add as many notes as you need to a customer profile, enabling you to keep the whole team up to date and provide the best possible customer service.

All of these data fields are added to their respective profiles globally. They are not mandatory fields however you can include they are easily included in reporting if data does exist.


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