Custom Report Templates

Choose from several custom report templates to build your own reports.

Reporting within Routeique is getting a brand new feature that will make it easier for you to access the type of report you need with the specific data points you require.

Custom Reports

Dynamic reporting allows you to customize your own reports, using several helpful templates as a starting point. There will be 10 different report templates that you can choose from and you can create and save as many custom reports from each template as you need. This is a great way to share custom reports with your entire team!

Order Adjustment Reporting

Delivery Shorts by Reason Code: This template will provide you with an overview of the total shorts events that have occurred as well as the total items that have been adjusted.

Delivery Shorts by Order Items: This template will allow you to view each order line item that has been shorted and the reason code against it. This is a fantastic tool to support investigation into the cause and impact of shorts.

Tip: Use the Delivery Shorts by Reason Code to identify possible issues and then drill down on a particular reason code using the Delivery Shorts by Order Items template.

Sales Reporting

Sales by Order: This template is very flexible, allowing you to build reports at the order level. This is a great tool for sales reps to track order activity on their customer portfolio.

Sales by Order Item: This template will allow you to build reports at the order line item level.

Sales by Order Group: This template will allow you to pull reports using the Order Groups you assign to your orders. 

Customer Reporting

Sales by Customer: This template will provide you with a high-level view of the activity for each customer - transaction count and revenue.

Sales by Location: This template will provide you with a high-level view of the activity for each location - transaction count and revenue.

Product Reporting

Sales by Product: The template will allow you to drill down on how well your products are performing.

Sales & Order Desk Reporting

Sales by Sales Rep:  This template is great for Sales Managers and Reps - it's easy to see how your entire Sales team is tracking on revenue goals.

Sales by Created by User: This template will provide you visibility into the activity of your order desk and sales teams - which users are generating the most revenue.

Learn more on how to Build a Custom Report.

Ready-to-Use Reports

A few of our popular reports will still exist as ready-made with quick access under the reports section. These reports include:

  • Delivery Sequence Summary Report
  • Margin Report
  • Time Report