Inventory History

Pull a report of all inventory movements in, out, and within your system by using our custom report feature. Know the inventory moving in and out of the system at a glance by using our custom reporting feature.

As a user, it is important to have a pulse on where inventory is at all times. You need the ability to export inventory transactions for your records or for auditing purposes. Learn how to create a report that has the information that is most relevant to you and your business and save it as a template for repeated use.

Creating your Custom Report 

To pull your Inventory History, navigate to reports in the left-hand side menu then click Reports. Under Reports, click Custom Reports. On the Custom Reports page, click the green Create Custom Report button in the upper-right corner. The drop-down will give you various options including Inventory History.

Selecting Fields

Select the fields that you would like to see in your report template. These fields can include one or many of the below:

  • Recorded at: the date the inventory transaction was recorded.

  • SKU code

  • Product name

  • SKU name 

  • Lot code

  • 3rd party lot code

  • Reason Code

  • Reported by
  • Transaction type 

  • Transaction details 
  • Transaction notes 

If you'd like to filter your data to be more specific, you can do so by using some of the additional fields. If you choose not to use any of the filter options, the report will display everything.  

  • Supplier: Using the dropdown, find your selected supplier.
  • Storage Location
  • Reported Date Range
  • SKU code
  • Lot code
  • 3rd party lot code

Once you have selected your fields click Search

A table of the report will be displayed. If you would like to edit your report, you can click Report Options or the 'three bars' on the right side of the screen to change any fields and then once you have updated your fields press Search again.

Click Export in the bottom-left corner and you will be sent a CSV of your report. 

Save the Report Template

If you want to save this report, click the Save button in the bottom-right corner and appropriately name the report.

When you want to pull the report again, click on the Inventory History Angel Falls Water - Today report on the main Custom Report page.

From here you can change your filters you need this time (i.e. a new date range or new location) and press Search again.  You can choose to overwrite the previous report by pressing Save and keeping the same name. Or if you'd like to save another version of the report, simply change the name, and when you press Save a new report will be added to the main custom report page.