Managing Notification Content

Customize the email template and SMS content for your customer notifications

Before you enable your customer notification, it's important that the content in your notifications is correct. To access your Template Manager, click on Settings and then Template Translations.

From here, you can select the language for the template you want to manage and the notification type you want to work on.

In the example above, we have chosen to manage English template for the Order Created Notifications - this will cover content for both email and SMS.

You will then see the content fields that you can edit. If this is your first time setting this up, you will see the system default content for each field.

To customize to your own content, simply start typing in the field - it will override the default content.

You'll can also use a couple placeholders to include details specific to the order or customer in your notification content. 

Data Placeholder Notes
Order Number :order_number If you use a Reference Order ID, this will display here. If not, the Routeique Order ID will display.
Customer Name :customer_name Name of the customer who you are notifying.
Contact Phone :contact_phone Your contact phone number that you set in General Settings
Contact Email :contact_email Your contact email that you set in General Settings

Once you have completed setting up the template content the way that you would like it, we recommend sending yourself a test email or SMS before enabling the notification for customers. 

Below is an example of the order created email communications using the default content: