Customer Notification Setup & Subscription

New SMS and email notifications to enhance your customers' ordering & fulfillment experience.

New Order Status Notifications

Your customers can subscribe four types of order status notifications - both by email and/or SMS! Contacts will be able to receive the notifications below:

  1. Order Created: Confirmation of the order they have created
  2. Order Rescheduled: Notification that an order has been rescheduled
  3. Order Reminder: Reminder 24-hours before an order is scheduled to be delivered
  4. Order Delivered: Notification that an order has been delivered

Before you can subscribe your customers for these notifications you need to enable them in Order Settings

Once you have enabled the notification type, you and your customers can manage subscription preferences for that notification type. 

It's important to note that after you enable the notification type, you still must subscribe your customers for that notification in order for them to receive it.

Subscribing Customer & Location Contacts

To subscribe a customer or location contact, visit the Customers area in the main menu and then click on the edit link next to the Customer or Location you are managing contacts for. 

After you have enabled the notification type, you will see the option under each contact to subscribe them for that notification type - you can choose to subscribe them for SMS, Email or both.

Check the box next to the notification you would like to enable and then save your changes.

In the example above, this contact will receive both an Email and SMS notification when a new order is created for them in either the Order Portal or Digital Control Tower.

Customer Management of Subscription

Your customers can also manage their own subscription settings when they login to the order portal. They can only subscribe to the notification types that you have enabled.

To access this, they can click on the Preferences link in the top menu on the order portal and just put a check for the notification and type they'd like to receive.