Order Delivery

Use the Digital Control Tower or the DMS Mobile Delivery App to deliver your orders

Your team can use two different tools for managing order delivery:

  1. DMS Mobile App - The mobile app empowers your drivers to manage delivery in real-time. Capturing key delivery date in real-time, managing delivery through the mobile app provides your team with a detailed record of all of your order adjustments and proof of delivery details.
  2. Digital Control Tower - The Digital Control Tower also allows you to manage order delivery and upload scans of your paper proof of delivery so you have record.

Delivering in the DMS Mobile App

It's easy for your drivers to manage delivery in the mobile app - watch the short video below on a day in the life of a driver using the DMS.

For all orders delivered through the mobile app, you will be able to view a detailed Delivery Report. To view the Delivery Report, simply edit an order that has already been delivered and view the Delivery Report.

The Delivery Report captures:

  • Customer Signature
  • Customer Received by Name
  • Delivery Date/Time
  • GPS Coordinates of delivery
  • Photo Proof of Delivery
  • Store Stamp

Delivering in Digital Control Tower

To deliver an individual order in the Digital Control Tower, visit the Search Orders screen and then select Edit next to the order you'd like to deliver.


Then, at the bottom of the edit order screen, click on the link to Deliver this order.


You will then be prompted to complete the Proof of Delivery details for this order and make any final order adjustments before the order is delivered.

Once you click Save, your order will be marked as delivered and any documents will be saved to the Delivery Report for this order.