Packing Slip

Understand where to generate a packing slip and how to customize one to ensure you present the information that is most relevant to your operations.

A packing slip is a detailed document that can be printed out once your order is packed. This document outlines the SKU and lot contents, if applicable, for each package on the order. 

How to generate a packing slip?

In order to generate a packing slip navigate to the Packing  page under InventoryThere you will go through the packing process for one of your orders. For more information on the packing process check out this user guide

Once you have packed your selected order, click Review OrderOnce you are satisfied with your order scroll down and you will see Print Packing Slips in the bottom left hand corner. Once you click this, the packing slip(s) will download directly to your computer in PDF format. 

The packing slip includes important information like order and package information, context details, and a barcode that generates from the Routeique™ packing ID.  You can also add package weights to your packing slips, for more information check out this user guide

Customizing a Packing Slip 

Your account will be set up with a default Packing Slip template. As a business, you may want certain fields present on your Packing Slip.

Customize what values are on your Packing Slip by going to Settings, then clicking on Inventory. Scroll down until you reach the column for Packing Slip. Click on Edit button to customize.

By default, you will see four column on your packing slip. To remove columns, simply click the trash can icon on the right-hand side. Choose the fields you'd like to show in each column by clicking in the cell for all available values to appear. You can then modify the column width based on the amount of information each column will contain. Please note the column width total must add up to 100%, otherwise the customization selections won't save. You can also choose the justification of the information within the column. Click Save in the bottom-right corner to preserve your customizations. 

To adjust how different labels are named, including column titles, navigate back to Settings, then Template Translations. Select your language of choice from the Language drop-down menu, then select Packing Slip from the Document drop-down menu. 

A table will then appear with customizable fields. Default titles will appear in most fields, but you may rename them as desired. The columns outlined in Inventory Settings will all require a more specific title (default is Column 1, Column 2, etc.). Once complete, click on the Save button in the bottom-right hand corner. This will save the template and your customized titles will populate for all future Packing Slips. This template can be revised as needed by returning to this page, editing the titles and clicking Save once again.