Stock Adjustments Overview

Learn how to navigate the Stock Adjustments page to help you best manage your inventory.

Stock adjustments are an incredibly effective way to manage your inventory. You can adjust existing quantities or add to lots with the click of a button to ensure accurate counts.

Navigate to the main Stock Adjustments page by clicking Inventory in the left-hand side menu and then Stock Adjustments. On this page you will find a table that shows the stock adjustment history as well as a button to add a new adjustment.

Search & Filter 

You can navigate your Stock Adjustment history by using the Search History filters at the top. You can search by the following items: 

  • Search SKU details: Filter by SKU Code, SKU Name, Product Name, UPC, Brand.
  • Search Lot details: Filter by Lot Code, 3rd-Party Lot Code.
  • Location: This drop-down includes warehouse and vehicle locations. You can use the drop-down to scroll through all your locations or use the type ahead if you know the name of the location you are looking for. By clicking the icon on the right-hand side you can view a modal that outlines the relationship between your various locations. 
  • Date Range: Use the calendar to select the date range you require. Click the start and end date to set the range. If you want to search just one day, double-click the same date. 
  • Adjustment Type: Options include Add New or Quantity Adjustment.

Once you have entered your information click Search and the table below will populate. If you would like to change your search criteria click Clear

The table has all of the following columns available. You can always change the columns using the show or hide feature to view the information that's important to you. 

  • Created At: This will show the date and time the adjustment was made.
  • Adjustment Type: This will show if it was either a Quantity Adjustment or Add New Inventory.
  • SKU Code 
  • Product Name 
  • SKU Name 
  • Lot Code 
  • Third Party Lot Code
  • Sell by Date
  • Location
  • Unit Type 
  • Quantity 
  • Reason 
  • Notes: This displays any notes added to this adjustment.
  • User: The user that committed the adjustment.

Exporting your Data 

You can export the results of your table by clicking Export in the bottom left hand corner. Any applied filters are respected, and all columns (not just the ones shown) will be emailed to you in CSV format. 

New Adjustment 

From this page you can also make a new adjustment. Learn more about how to do that by clicking here